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Financial difficulties can hit suddenly and for all sorts of reasons. Individuals may find themselves having lost their job, or simply struggling with the cost of living. Companies may fall victim to changing economic trends, or be hurt by a major supplier or customer’s own difficulties. Whatever the situation, individuals and company directors alike can feel like there’s no way out, that no-one shares their problems and that the situation has become unsolvable before they even realised anything was wrong.


The good news is that, no matter how bad your predicament, there is a solution. But the key is to move quickly.

The earlier you act, the more options you have.


At Simmonds & Company we assist people all the time to resolve debt problems, people who’ve lost all hope of recovery, and they’re often relieved to discover what solutions are available to them.

Our experienced team give you professional advice and a modern, practical approach to debt. With our technical expertise and friendly support behind you, you’ll get a high-quality solution to your problems.

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